Holiday Snacks Ltd

Holiday Snacks Ltd was acquired by the Bermudez Group in 1989. The company at the time of acquisition required a significant investment to achieve its vision of becoming the best snack company in the Caribbean. Having little knowledge of the snacking industry, the path to success was expectedly difficult.

Today, in a highly competitive industry, Holiday Snacks has established a distinct taste with products that fuel the party spirit, the cool, funky, rebellious, liming, buoyant dimension of our youthful consumers whilst also offerings healthy snack options. The company has 2 locations in Trinidad and exports to 10 markets in the Caribbean, Jamaica being one of its biggest markets.

As the needs, lifestyles and palettes of our trendy consumers evolve, Holiday Snacks remain committed to moving and changing to add more excitement and enjoyment to their lives.


Sydelle Boxill

General Manager, Holiday Snacks Ltd

"PASSION & PURPOSE: We are passionate about the relationships we forge with our Employees, our Consumers, our Suppliers and our larger Community. We are passionate about manufacturing quality snacks and delighting our consumers with every bite! To this end, we are purposeful around the execution of our ideas. Our Teams have the grit to get things done despite the circumstances and the nimbleness to quickly change our planned course where necessary. Most of all ……..we enjoy what we do!"