The Jamaica Biscuit Company was founded in 1911 for the manufacture of Water Crackers and presented under the brand name "Excelsior".

The founders of the Company were Messrs. Lionel DeMercado and Alfred Dacosta who were Jamaicans and John Crook an American Citizen.

The factory was established at No. 2 Church Street, Kingston 11, and was one of the first light industries to be established in Jamaica.

The factory operated with one oven and output was confined to one product which, from its inception, was successful.

Excelsior Water Crackers were in those days sold by barrel, hence the well-known expression "Cracker Barrel" which is still in use today.

The brand "Excelsior" which was established by the water cracker, was maintained when the Company commenced the manufacturing of other type of biscuits.

Excelsior Water Crackers were packaged in 2lbs size tins which were made by the Company in Tinsmith’s shop which was built onto the Church Street factory.

In 1952, a new factory was built at the present site at 206 Spanish Town road, Kingston 11.

Over the years, Excelsior Water Crackers have become famous for their extraordinary versatility. They are much at home under butter, cheese or jam, as with dips, ackee and saltfish, stewed chicken or steamed fish. Well known and recognizable by their unique cupped shape, Excelsior Water Crackers have the distinction of being appropriate as part of a meal from Appetizers, to Entrée, to Dessert.

For many years now, The Jamaica Biscuit Company Limited has been exporting its Excelsior Crackers to North America, Europe and the Caribbean, to satisfy the demand of Jamaicans in the diaspora.

Today, the range of products made by The Jamaica Biscuit Company Limited has expanded to include, Excelsior Savoury Snacks, Sweet Biscuits and Cookies. Products such as: Excelsior Cheese Krunchies and Animal Crackers have been on every child’s list of favourite things for many decades. Our Smoochies Sandwich Cream category have given young Jamaicans more tasty products to be excited about, while our Bran &Oats have introduced the “healthy bite” to add to their lives. Our most recent addition the Excelsior Snackers Snack Crackers Wheat and Original is a savoury, fun snack that is ideal for any occasion.

Consistent quality continues to be the hallmark of all Excelsior products. Our more than 500 employees have delivered on that commitment for over a hundred years. You can depend on us for the next century. You can be assured you are getting the best every time you reach for any Excelsior product.


Cameron Bisland

General Manager, Jamaica Biscuit Company Ltd

"QUALITY. Our aim is to provide the best quality products to our consumers, so they may not only enjoy everything that we produce, but be assured that they are getting a quality product each and every time. We ensure that the measure of quality from our raw materials right up to the point of purchase is upheld to a high standard."