Key People

We asked our Leaders...

"What is the root of BGL's success?"


Robert Bermudez
Chairman & CEO

“PEOPLE. VALUES. PERFORMANCE . We are a value driven company that places our people at the very core of our business. Our people are committed to the companies that they are part of and the communities they serve. We all have to deliver to make this work! Our competitive advantage has always been our ability to react to change, and our commitment to providing very good products to our consumers.”

Ricardo Williams
Group Finance Director

Our values guide our everyday behaviour…. Our people are energized and innovative, we live in a non-bureaucratic environment. We interact with each other in an honest, open and plain speaking manner and while we are analytical, we act quickly to be ahead of the competition always staying close to our customers and consumers.

Adrian Padmore
General Manager, Wibisco

“FAMILY. We are all in this together. At Wibisco we acknowledge that we are all members of the same corporate family. Our challenging climate dictates that we embrace change readily to be the forerunner in competition and to provide high quality, affordable products for our local and international customers. Wibisco has received the recognition of government and industry, for its innovation and contribution as a corporate citizen. ”

Peter McCartney
General Manager, Kiss Baking Company

"FOCUS. Kiss Baking Company Limited is committed to providing Trinidad and Tobago with freshly baked products from our bakery every day.  We strive to be one of the most trustworthy and preferred options for meal solutions that cater to the evolving lifestyles of all our consumers.”

Otto Mena
General Manager, Alimentos Bermudez

"TEAMWORK AND VALUES. Together we are stronger. We have one vision and work as a team to achieve our goals. We know that our strength comes from collaboration and teamwork. We base our results on transparency, doing the right thing to ensure our future success."

Sydelle Boxill
General Manager, Holiday Snacks Ltd

"PASSION & PURPOSE: We are passionate about the relationships we forge with our Employees, our Consumers, our Suppliers and our larger Community. We are passionate about manufacturing quality snacks and delighting our consumers with every bite! To this end, we are purposeful around the execution of our ideas. Our Teams have the grit to get things done despite the circumstances and the nimbleness to quickly change our planned course where necessary. Most of all ……..we enjoy what we do!"

Ingrid Lloyd
Managing Director, Bermudez Biscuit Company

"CONSUMER ORIENTED. We are focused on delivering products that meet our consumer needs. We are committed to continuously improving our processes to manufacture quality cookies and crackers at an affordable price that we can be proud of."

Cameron Bisland
General Manager, Jamaica Biscuit Company Ltd

"QUALITY. Our aim is to provide the best quality products to our consumers, so they may not only enjoy everything that we produce, but be assured that they are getting a quality product each and every time. We ensure that the measure of quality from our raw materials right up to the point of purchase is upheld to a high standard."