An Abundant Legacy


Bermudez Group is the expression of an adventurous family, begun by brothers José Rafael and José Angel, who voyaged from a turbulent Venezuela to the beautiful and exotic Caribbean island of Trinidad.

José Rafael was fascinated by technology and travelled to Paris for the 1900 World Fair, where he stumbled upon an innovative wood-burning biscuit oven. No one really knows why, but the machine caught his eye and so he returned to Trinidad with the contraption and set about with his brother to produce “salt biscuits”. Thus, the Bermudez Biscuit Company was born.

These biscuits became a staple in Trinidad as the business grew from strength to strength and passed from generation to generation. With it, passed the family’s secret ingredients – love and passion for food manufacturing; a commitment to delivering fresh, innovative, creative products; and a desire for adventure. Each generation added their own flair and flavour to the business, first by diversifying the portfolio of biscuits to include sweet biscuits, and then by venturing into new industries to produce bread, cake and snacks.

Day by day, the company grows, exploring new territories and embracing new cultures. Four generations later, the Bermudez Group has become a company of families, with more than 3000 employees spread across the Americas. The Group is comprised of six manufacturing companies and two distribution companies, including Bermudez Biscuit Co., Holiday Snacks Ltd., Kiss Baking Co., The Jamaica Biscuit Co., The West India Biscuit Co and Alimentos Bermudez.